Treatment Philosophy - Katrina Vlachos, MD
Katrina Vlachos, MD treats pain and orthopedic and neurological disorders with an exercise-based treatment plan that is nonsurgical and healing. Physical therapy is one way in which Dr. Katrina Vlachos treats pain. Home workout plans will help Dr. Vlachos teach you the right body mechanics from the comfort of your own home. Exercise every day, exercise at home, exercise classes, go to the gym, and start your fitness program slowly.
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Treatment Philosophy

“Exercise is the best medicine.”

Dr. Katrina Vlachos believes in empowering people with education and the means to treat their symptoms. While exercise may not be the fastest way to achieve a pain free-status, it is the best way to maintain a pain-free status. Exercise involves stretching as well as strengthening, educating muscles to help distribute force so that less stress is placed on the involved area. Therefore, less pain is experienced.


Dr. Vlachos has specific exercise programs that she has developed depending on the involved area. She also has relationships with many physical therapists in a number of locations to fit each individual person with the right therapist and to make going to therapy convenient. Many people believe that physical therapy has been a treatment failure because it did not help or alleviate their symptoms. The most important thing to realize, and that Dr. Vlachos emphasizes, is that physical therapy is an educational process to teach the right body mechanics and home program that can be continued on a daily basis at home.


In addition to exercise, Dr. Vlachos utilizes other treatments such as medications and injections, to manage pain. Medications and injections are short term solutions to give more immediate relief of symptoms. When combined with an exercise program, there can be more effective overall pain relief. Education about pain is important in managing symptoms and is an integral part of Dr. Vlachos’ treatment approach. Understanding symptoms and how to manage them will empower the person to take control of the pain instead of the pain taking control of the person. Dr. Vlachos uses a team approach with physical therapists, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other alternative treatments to treat every aspect of pain, and treat the overall person.


Tips for developing an effective exercise program:

  1. Exercise every day.
  2. Exercise with a friend.
  3. Find an exercise form that you enjoy.
  4. Have an exercise program you can do at home in addition to classes or going to the gym.
  5. Find a convenient time for exercise and make it part of your daily schedule.
  6. Start your program slowly and gradually build up.


Daily exercise is the best way to manage pain and lessen the intensity and frequency of future symptoms!